About Us

Who are we?

Merry Makers Central Coast is an incorporated, voluntary community bases committee with registered charity status. We receive a small grant from the Commonwealth Dept of Health for our older people not covered by NDIS.

What do we do?

Monthly: Thursday night dance at St Mary’s Church Main Rd, Noraville from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

Monthly: Either a dance, BBQ, picnic or other outing  held one day of the weekend.


The service is open to people with an intellecutal disability, over 18 years of age. Regular attendees complete an application form for administrative and other purposes. Please call/email us for an application form.

Phone 0416 377 951 or email merrymakers.cc@gemail.com


Transport to all our activities is available in some areas, at  cost. It is arranged through Community Transport and can be covered by NDIS where appropriate. A variety of small busses are used with qualified volunteer  drivers. provided to and from all activities using a variety of small buses. Volunteer drivers and hosts assist members on the buses.


There is a small fee charged for each activity. An additional cost may apply at weekend activities if a meal is required.


Members who require evening medications need to note that our volunteers are not trained to administer medications. It will be necessary to ensure that other arrangements are in place to safely administer your medications.

Members Rights

Our members are valued as integral participants in the community and have the right to:

  • privacy
  • complain
  • an advocate
  • make decisions about their life
  • choose their friends, and
  • be protected from abuse and discrimination

Member Responsibilities

Our members accept the responsibilities that are associated with these rights. They are:

  • to be considerate to other members
  • to notify the service if you are not attending an activity, and
  • follow instructions given by committee members or carers

If you are not happy

If you are not happy with the service please talk to a volunteer. If your concerns cannot be addressed by talking to a volunteer you may wish to write to the committee. A volunteer can help you write to the committee.

If you do write to the committee you will receive a reply within one month of receipt of your letter. If the committee is unable to assist you with your concerns you will be advised of other options to lodge your concerns.

We welcome your comments, as we endeavour to provide the best possible service with the resources available.


Our service relies on the support of volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to be committee members, drive the buses, be bus hosts and assist at the dances and weekend activities. We welcome volunteers of all ages.

If you would like to volunteer please contact the service. We would welcome your support. Please see the Volunteers page for more information or to apply as a volunteer.

Our Weekly Dance Location


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